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Custom Wordpress Development

Wordpress being the most popular CMS framework being used worldwide at the moment, almost every developer needs to be fluent in building custom themes and extending admin functionality via theme functions and plugins. Every website is different and giving the client complete control of their content on their site is the most important thing in developing a site with any CMS. Wordpress makes doing this extremely easy for developers with widgets and custom post types.

There are plenty of plugins on the market that will handle the functionality you need 9 times out of 10 but there are situations where you need something very specific for a client and the only option is building something custom to meet the requirements. This is something I thrive on and enjoy doing.

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Wordpress Plugin Development

King Pro Plugins is a brand I started to release Wordpress plugins on the Wordpress Plugin Directory. Boasting plugins that manage your advertising on your site, tracking the impressions and clicks either into your Google Analytics account or directly into your Wordpress site, to an invoicing system that allows you to control and manipulate the invoice to suit your needs and output to PDF and email to your clients, to easy RSS feed management, to setting up related posts based on tags, to creating global data that can be accessed from anywhere in the site, to overriding the default wp_mail function to allow your site to send its emails directly from your own email account via SMTP!

The amount of plugins available in this vast virtual world to too many to count and there are alot of good ones but unfortunately alot for short due to lack of support or keeping up with the demand of its user base. This is something I feel strongly about providing to the users of my plugins.

Check out the plugins available at King Pro Plugins

Front to Back-end Development

Versatility is a strong trait to have in this industry. Being able to jump from doing HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery on the frontend, then using PHP and SQL on the backend, bringing it together with AJAX and using JSON and XML to share that data between the two and finally managing and using the servers hardware and software to handle the requests and crons utilising the command line and shell scripts.

Latest technologies have seen the originally client-side code, Javascript, being used as a server-side coding platform with the likes of packages like Node.js, allowing both frontend and backend to share the same language, keeping development and the apps processes clean and streamline. I am traditionally a LAMP (LNMP) stack developer, but armed with the understanding of server-side Javascript development, the options for a project are endless.

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