A little about myself, Ash Durham, Sydney Web Developer…

I’m an adaptive, hard-working, team playing Sydney Web Developer with exceptional skills in a large array of languages including PHP, OO, SQL, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, CSS, SASS, XHTML and XML. I thrive on pressure and deadlines, I love a challenge and hunger for new experiences.

Every project has a unique direction and being able to determine what the best solution for that direction is a crucial part of being a developer. I have knowledge of multiple frameworks including WordPress, Lemonstand, PHPR and the general concept of MVC which covers many more frameworks, as well as being able to take a completely custom approach to a project. Heavily customising existing frameworks to suit a project is something I quite enjoy, so much so that I have even released some of my own plugins and modules for the frameworks that I use most in my projects.

I pride myself in producing clean and effective code, documenting and commenting throughout for ease between developers to understand the functionality. Developing scripts to interact with social media networks, decode datafiles for use on pages and use 3rd party software is a normal practice. Creating database schemas is an everyday procedure.

With my life and career experiences, I have a wide range of key skills, not just my incredible coding ability. Team management and customer service has been heightened in the retail environment and has been a valuable experience brought forward into my development career.


I believe that Web Development is something that can’t be taught. Yes, you can teach a language to someone, you can teach multiple languages to someone and that someone may be able to recite each function and what it does back to you, but its the knowledge of how to use it, how powerful it can be and the ways to combine multiple languages into one project to make that project one-of-a-kind and the best on the web!