My experience at Matter Design…

Managing a team of up to 5 developers as well as taking on my own projects and work, working together with the designers and project managers, handling any questions related to incoming projects to the studio, my role at Matter Design never has a dull moment.

Building 95% of site projects in the studio in either Wordpress for marketing sites or Lemonstand for e-commerce, the range of skills that are required to bring together the complete package. Doing both front end and back end work on the projects has kept my skill base up to date with the latest technologies and processes in the industry. Delivering fluid responsive fully editable and CMS managed sites is the most important part of what we do.

Along with building marketing sites, alot of projects involved creating EDM's and landing pages in a variety of email marketing systems such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Marketo. Crafting responsive EDM's and landing pages to work with all devices and screen sizes.

Some of the clients I worked with

Standout projects/tasks

BTIM - Dynamic funds updater

The Request

We were building a Wordpress multi-site as a revamp of their old site with some extensive additions such as an online application form that automatically fills in several editable PDF files and generates a combined PDF for the user to download.

BT Investment Management wanted to also have an area on their website to allow their clients to search a fund or funds and obtain up-to-date key information about that fund.

The complexity around this was that there was a number of places that this information was obtained from, in various formats, and in bulk making the management of the data unmanageable from a manual data entry standpoint.

At any given time, details may be needed to be updated manually before the next feed of information was received so a way to manage that data was required.

The Solution

After learning of all the places and file types that were received (CSVs mainly), and format of which the data was given, I created a cron job to run a Python script that would check a folder for updated files periodically. If found, it would kick off a process to read the data, compile it into an uniformed structure and upload it to the database.

Once in the database, a Wordpress custom post type setup to handle this data, is available in the admin area to allow for editability if ever the need to make any modifications or disable from displaying on site.

The Result

An easily updatable and editable library of funds in a Wordpress environment using default Wordpress logic to compile search results for display.

See the BTIM product search in action

RM Williams - Custom boot builder

The Request

At the time, RM Williams were looking into the idea of allowing their customers to custom build a boot design on their website. This ability was available in store and they saw the market to bring this ability online.

With the limitations present of their existing content management system, producing something like this that was editable via that system was not something that came out of the box, so I had to think outside that box.

The Solution

Having the RM Williams team manage the options they required in bullet lists on a page, I used javascript entirely to read and store these options into an array. With the data obtained, I proceeded to build the page using HTML templates, populating the options at each step using the newly acquired array, inserting and rendering all the content on the fly after each option was selected.

The supporting images were all uploaded into a particular folder on the server with formatted filenames that would allow me to use the option chosen by the user to display the supporting image, providing the user with an on the fly view of their boot.

The Result

A seamless, dynamic, javascript driven, boot builder that provided the user with a smooth building experience with on the fly visual representation of the boot they were building allowing them to see exactly what they would receive in the mail.

Unfortunately, the version that was build has since been iterated on over the years so a demo of this work no longer exists.

QualityTrade - Supplier rating system algorithm

The Request

QualityTrade has a very involved administrating system, managing hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and their products. The search itself is utilising Elastic Search technology to allow the site to search on over a million records in seconds.

Part of the original build of this website was the ability to rate the supplier based on the information provided to QualityTrade. This was to provide a fair and honest representation of the quality of the supplier and its products to give purchasers ease of mind that the product they were buying was of the best quality available to them.

The ranking was to be based on a large number of details such as the certified credentials of the supplier, the quality of the materials the supplier was using to create the product, the certified credentials of the product itself, reviews from other buyers that had previously purchased from that suppliers, and much more.

The score would then be used as a search sorter to ensure the highest quality products and suppliers were brought to the top of the search results, in conjunction with the regular search criteria.

The Solution

A very complex algorithm was developed to calculate this score for all suppliers and products periodically. The algorithm would take in all the data available to it about the supplier and its products, running through the scoring process, which was populated and manageable within the sites management system by the owner. This also included the ability to modify the weighting percentage of each scoring section and how it all bubbled up into a total score.

The algorithm script was written in Python and performed in the background via a cron job on an external server to eliminate any server load for the website as the scripts processing time would take a number of hours to complete, increasing as more suppliers and products were added to the site.

The Result

A logical, adaptive, editable and scalable algorithm that scored and stored the values for further use.

It would appear QualityTrade are either now only using this rating system as an internal/behind-the-scenes set of information, or no longer using the system. At the time this use to equate to a 5-star display output that is no longer shown.

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