Ash Durham

A little about myself, Ash Durham, Sydney Web Developer…

I’m an adaptive, hard-working, team playing Sydney Web Developer with exceptional skills in a large array of languages including PHP, OO, Python, SQL, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, CSS, SASS, LESS, XHTML and XML. I thrive on pressure and deadlines, I love a challenge and hunger for new experiences.

Every project has a unique direction and being able to determine what the best solution for that direction is a crucial part of being a developer. I have knowledge of multiple frameworks including WordPress, Lemonstand, PHPR and the general concept of MVC which covers many more frameworks, as well as being able to take a completely custom approach to a project. Heavily customising existing frameworks to suit a project is something I quite enjoy, so much so that I have even released some of my own plugins and modules for the frameworks that I use most in my projects.

I pride myself in producing clean and effective code, documenting and commenting throughout for ease between developers to understand the functionality. Developing scripts to interact with social media networks, decode datafiles for use on pages and use 3rd party software is a normal practice. Creating database schemas is an everyday procedure.

With my life and career experiences, I have a wide range of key skills, not just my incredible coding ability. Team management and customer service has been heightened in the retail environment and has been a valuable experience brought forward into my development career.

I believe that Web Development is something that can’t be taught. Yes, you can teach a language to someone, you can teach multiple languages to someone and that someone may be able to recite each function and what it does back to you, but its the knowledge of how to use it, how powerful it can be and the ways to combine multiple languages into one project to make that project one-of-a-kind and the best on the web!

Lead/Senior Web Developer

Being the first and only Developer on the Marketing team, my role at Campaign Monitor is to primarily take control, manage and own the marketing website. Tasks such as carrying out page optimisations, cleaning up code, templating the site for quicker development in the future and creating a way to allow a static site to be editable without knowing code are just some the projects under this role.

Creating and updating marketing pages for the team provided by the designers as well as working with the product teams to have a consistent look and feel across all of the Campaign Monitor systems.

All in all, this role includes an open slather of frontend and backend work, communicating with multiple teams and working toward an end goal of providing a marketing site that is cutting edge, pixel-perfect and a pleasure to look at and navigate for the end user, at the same time as cleaning up and creating new processes for the team to be able to do what they do best in the best and most efficient way possible.

Campaign Monitor

L38, 201 Elizabeth St, Sydney

May 2015 - Present
(2 years, 3 months)
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Lead/Senior Web Developer

Managing a team of up to 5 developers as well as taking on my own projects and work, working together with the designers and project managers, handling any questions related to incoming projects to the studio, my role at Matter Design never has a dull moment.

Building 95% of site projects in the studio in either Wordpress for marketing sites or Lemonstand for e-commerce, the range of skills that are required to bring together the complete package. Doing both front end and back end work on the projects has kept my skill base up to date with the latest technologies and processes in the industry. Delivering fluid responsive fully editable and CMS managed sites is the most important part of what we do.

Along with building marketing sites, alot of projects involved creating EDM's and landing pages in a variety of email marketing systems such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Marketo. Crafting responsive EDM's and landing pages to work with all devices and screen sizes.

Matter Design

107 Alexander St, Crows Nest

Aug 2011 - May 2015
(3 Years, 9 Months)
Some clients worked on
  • Google Australia (Responsive EDM's and LP's in Marketo)
  • BT Investment Management (Responsive EDM's and LP's in Marketo)
  • Ansell (Responsive EDM's and LP's in Marketo)
  • Kimberly Clark (Responsive EDM's and LP's in Marketo)
  • BT Investment Management (Marketing site and underlying automated systems)
  • BT Financial (Marketing article sites, YouTube channel)
  • Macquaire Telecom (Marketing site, Responsive EDM's and LP's in Marketo)
  • RM Williams (Javascript "Made to Order" app)
  • InStitchu (Customised E-commerce store)
  • Michelle Bridges (Marketing and E-commerce site)
  • MindTheGap (Marketing site and Client Management System)
  • QualityTrade (Quality products and manufacturers search engine)

Featured Projects

BT Investment Management
This Wordpress multi-site is a revamp of their old site with some extensive additions such as a automated backend datafeed system to display figures from CSV's on the website via a Python script running on a cron checking for new files to process into the database and an online application form that automatically fills in several editable PDF files and generates a combined PDF for the user to download. This project also migrated a number of single Wordpress instances to be managed under the one multi-site admin.
BT YouTube Channel
Page uses Javascript, CSS and HTML along with the YouTube Javascript API to dynamically feed videos uploaded to the BT YouTube Channel. In order to customise the data around the dynamically pulled in videos without a CMS behind it, an extensive JSON file was crafted to link up the videos with additional content.
A heavily customised Lemonstand system uses an in-depth "suit builder" utilising Javascript, AJAX and PHP to give the user a seemless and streamlined experience while they completely customise a suit to their specs. Pushing the individual requirements of the suit, along with the measurements into a backend system for the tailors to produce the garments in a timely fashion.
QualityTrade has a very involved administrating system, managing hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and their products. The in-depth forms through-out the site collects a huge amount of information that is used by an algorithm, written by myself, to calculate the quality of a supplier and their products. The search itself is utilising Elastic Search technology to allow the site to search on over a million records in seconds.

Web Developer

A re-brand of the previous company, SiteFX, along with a new office and direction, larger projects started to came though, allowing for more experience with data management and utilising object oriented coding to reuse functionality across large intricate sites.

Development of an internal CRM was done, along with juggling a number of projects at once. Providing support to existing clients as well as handling new requests and quotes was a daily task.

As this was owned and operated by a couple, they closed up the business to pursue other interests and opportunities.

Alot of sites built during this time have been redone now by other parties and can't be linked to.


Unit 2, Level 3, 33 Lexington Ave, Bella Vista

Feb 2011 - Aug 2011
(6 Months)
Some clients worked on

Junior Web Developer

Under the guidance of the businesses director, a developer and designer in his own right, and being the only other developer in the business, my skill base were able to expand quite quickly, covering a number of tasks that are involved in setting up a site from scratch.

SiteFX used its own developed CMS to produce the sites we built and as each website is different, new modules were required and modifications made to existing ones. Some modifications were made to the releasable version to be utilised by future builds where others were too specific to the project to be used anywhere else.

From implementing the design around the functionality that already existed from the coding by the director to completing and managing projects from start to finish, this role did it all and gave me the stepping stones that produced the developer I am today - versatile, knowledge of all areas of the development process.

Alot of sites built during this time have been redone now by other parties and can't be linked to.


8 Town St, Hobartville

Nov 2008 - Feb 2011
(2 Years, 3 Months)
Some clients worked on

Web Developer

Photography Hot Spots is a labour of love that began with its owner, Rob Potter, and his love of photography. I helped Rob set up the initial version of the site. This allowed users to upload hot spots to the site and have them display on the frontend under state categories.

As the popularity of the site grew, the user base got larger and Rob came up with more ideas for the site, the existing site was outgrown. Development of a new version began and on a new platform (Wordpress) to enable us to introduce user accounts and other various parts of the site quickly without the need of recreating the wheel.

Development continues on the projects to give a better experience for the users of the site as Rob thinks of them.

Photography Hot Spots

Nov 2009 - Current
(Part-Time Work)
Some clients worked on

Web Developer

Working with Alyce, a graphic designer, on a daily basis at Matter Design for close to two years, it was an easy choice to team up with her to deliver some freelance projects together. Projects are scoped and quoted between us, Alyce works with me though the designs and the clients requirements, I develop and implement her designs while she slots into a quality control role. Who better then the person that designed it!

Nov 2012 - Current
(Part-Time Work)
Some clients worked on

Web Developer

Tanya, a Project Manager at Matter Design for a time, occasionally received design work through friends and family which at times required a developer to complete the projects. These jobs were past on to me by her to complete.

TDub Design

Jun 2013 - May 2014
(Part-Time Work)
Some clients worked on

Web Developer

After finding me on Google, Canva approached me about helping them develop a Wordpress plugin that would utilise the use of their online app. Via their API, creating images using their app can now be directly done and saved to the media library within the Wordpress edit screen.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing and local companies would ask friends and family about current prospects they have which occasionally ended up with having me do some work for them. At the time, Youeni was just starting out as a business and required a marketing site to get them up and running.

FX Design Studio is a web design studio that sometimes required a PHP developer for some of their more complex projects that came in as well as doing some overflow work for them

Other Companies

(Part-Time Work)
Other companies worked for