Birth of the Insight

Welcome to the Birth of the Insight. My name is Ashley Durham, a LAMP Web Developer in Sydney Australia and this blog is being started for a few reasons:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

  • To make the world aware of a reasonably talented web developer in a corner of the globe,
  • Chat about the latest releases, ideas, subjects going around the net in regards to web development and design,
  • Share some of the code that I write for projects that may just help others with theirs.

At this point your probably thinking, “Ah, just another one of these sites…”, to which I respond with… Maybe so, however my goal here to give yet another resource option to the vast amount out there. If you are a web developer then you can relate with me here in that you spend a good amount of time on google researching ways to gain an effect for a job, or figure out how to use some sort of function in a specific way. This is what this is all about! A real developer, doing these sorts of things day in day out, sharing that with you here. Think of it as a summary of information that nine times out of ten you will be looking for.

The beginning of this blog will probably be slow going giving that I am only one man and holding a full time development job does consume a lot of your time, even worse when you are passionate about what you do and how you do it. So many times I have searched for an hour or two on the best ways to go about something to either finally find what i need buried away on page 20 of a forum post or 56 comments down on a blog post (which by the way will not happen here as I will be updating the main post with any supported comment data that comes through), find 3 close ways to do it and need to piece together a few to give me what I need or use that as inspiration and create my own or not find anything and need to spend more time figuring it all out.

Ideally I would love to hit every hurdle I find head on by figuring it all out myself and store the solution in the memory bank for next time, unfortunately its not easy to do when you have to meet deadlines on projects. Due to this I often find myself crawling the net for the solution instead of re-creating the wheel. Downside to this is that you barely learn how it fixed your problem or how it actually works. Plugins are a major sucker for this in site builds, jQuery being the biggest player. I love jQuery and take every opportunity I get to build my own functions for sites over just finding a plugin, purely to better myself in the code but as usual the dreaded deadline kicks in and I need a quick solution to come in on time. Don’t get me wrong, there are some awesome plugins out there that you just can’t go past. I will be sharing the ones I like with you in time.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

I will rave on more about all of these things in good time, I do have to give you a reason to came back you know ;). In the meantime I again welcome you to the blog and do hope you bookmark this site and return regularly. I will certainly do my best to give you plenty of reading to do and stay on top of the latest in the industry.

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