WordPress Advertising Plugin with click tracking and banner rotation

Ad King Pro – your easy solution to serving your own ads on your site, tracking impressions and clicks from that banner and reporting on its results has never been simpler!

There are multiple ways to use Ad King Pro to improve click rates either to partnered sites or internal links. Create multiple Advert types and display different sizes in different areas of your site, have multiple banners for one section of the site and see which banner gives you the best results from impression vs click through rates by random display per page view. Get a true reading by modifying the the logging timeframe of each impression and click for an IP address.

Ad King Pro can also be leveraged as an internal CTA button to track it’s success rate on your landing pages. JQuery code has been included in the help section under plugins.

Set revenue values per advert and sell your advertising space. Let Ad King Pro do all the hard work for you. It will allow you to report on a date range of your choosing, give you the total revenue of impressions and clicks and generate a PDF report that you can present to your advertiser.

Want to brand your reports? Have a format in mind that you would like to use for your reporting? No problem! Ad King Pro has a templating theme system, themes are available on this site for a small fee or if your looking for something a little more branded to your company, contact me and we can sort out a solution for you.

As you can see, Ad King Pro has your site advertising covered! Download it now and start selling that white space on your site today!

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